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The Dangers of Commercial Fishing

by Kaison Francis

Commercial fishing has become one of the most dangerous occupations around, it has been ranked one of the deadliest occupations since 1992. You might be wondering what makes commercial fishing so dangerous. Here we discuss the different dangers and hazards they face on a day-to-day basis.


Commercial fishermen have to endure extreme weather conditions. This can cause a lot of boat accidents, which can be caused by exposure to lightning and extreme temperatures. Not only can they face extremely hot weather, but also extremely cold environments, which can result in numerous injuries such as hypothermia. There are many different health conditions that can come from being a commercial fisherman, which are caused by the weather.


Working on the water carries its very own hazards. Being surrounded by water increases the risk of injury. The water temperature can result in health issues, and improper training and equipment can also lead to workers becoming injured. All workers on board need to have proper deck safety training to reduce the risk of these types of injuries happening when being constantly surrounded by water.

Unstable working environment

When working on a commercial vessel this means you can face unstable environments, even more so when the sea is stormy. It is likely to see a loss of balance when hitting rocky waters, which can again lead to people’s injuries from slipping, or even worse going overboard. High-visibility clothing, rescue devices and techniques become crucial when rough waters occur.


You will be working long hours and shift work, meaning you might be working nights and workplace stress which can all lead to fatigue. It is known that many people who work on commercial vessels experience chronic or long-term fatigue. Sometimes workers’ fatigue can become a risk to other workers on board, putting others at risk.

Working at height

Working on a fishing vessel can sometimes require you to work at heights in order to complete repairs and any maintenance issues. You should always be provided with the right protection to prevent any serious injuries or death. Fast arrest training should also be provided by the employer.

Are you worried about injury or death?

There are so many different hazards and dangers you can face as a commercial fisherman whilst working on a vessel. If you are concerned about what might happen to your family, home and financial commitments in the case of injury or death, then it might be a good option to take out some financial protection from hazardous sports and occupations experts Sports FS.

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