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Gennady Podolsky: Prioritizing Wellness for a Healthy Travel Experience

by Kaison Francis

Experienced travel advisor Gennady Podolsky emphasizes the importance of traveler health and shares practical tips for safety and wellness when traveling, whether taking flights or going by car. Planning sets the stage for a successful trip, but he advises that health be considered at every stage.

Podolsky recommends five packing essentials for welPlanningllow: eye mask, ear plugs, cozy wrap for air travel, healthy snacks like protein bars and trail mix, a refillable water bottle, and a resistance band for stretches. Checking if supplements can minimize digestion issues when crossing time zones is also suggested. Adequately fitted compression stockings can reduce risks of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism during long periods of sitting.

Staying healthy en route is adequate. Podolsky advises getting appropriate vaccinations for destinations with disease risks at least four weeks pre-travel. Making preparations ahead of time, like packing early and getting good rest and a healthy meal before departing, helps travelers de-stress. Stretching and moving every few hours while in transit keeps blood flowing. Staying hydrated with water and avoiding questionable foods reduces bloating chances. They are pushing alcohol and caffeine intake to prevent dehydration and disrupted sleep.

Maintaining wellness at the destination is also important. Podolsky recommends practicing good hygiene by washing hands frequently and carrying small sanitizers. Getting creative with exercise by using hotel fitness centers or taking guided bicycle tours allows travelers to remain active. Savoring local cuisine introduces cultural experiences, but drinking bottled water and avoiding raw fruits/vegetables prevents illness. Prioritizing restful sleep with masks, earplugs, and white noise machines offsets ambient noise. Finally, balancing packed itineraries with downtime prevents burnout.

Despite best efforts, health emergencies can still occur. Domestically, clarifying health insurance policies for out-of-area care is wise. Identifying local healthcare facilities at destinations is also recommended. For international trips, consulting insurers about overseas coverage and considering travel insurance for medical situations is critical.

With some planning and a sustained wellness focus, travelers can feel confident embarking while minimizing risks. Thoughtful preparation sets the satisfying trip experience where health is an ongoing priority before, during, and after travel occurs.

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