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Kevin Modany Outlines the Keys to Success as an Executive Consultant in Modern Business

by Kaison Francis

Executive consultants have become the lifeblood by which companies find prolonged success. Executives are expected to make major decisions often with partial or incomplete information, often without any time to think or delay. In industries that are driven by responsiveness and preparedness, the support of an Executive Consultant can make all the difference in the world.

Kevin Modany is an experienced executive consultant with a background as a Certified Public Accountant. With years of success in the industry since planting his flag within it in 2016, Kevin Modany has developed a unique skill set that he finds effective for guiding clients to success.

Skills of an Executive Consultant

Kevin Modany suggests that executive consultants are experts who are recognized for their dominance on certain subject matters, be they in problem-solving or decision-making capacities. Each consultant has developed a series of skills directed toward one direction of the operation.

Consultants will generally work on a time-limited basis with a business before parting ways to work on new projects. Some consultants will eventually cultivate the resources necessary to open up their own firms.

Kevin Modany of BlueRock Partners points to a range of executive consultant functions that are going to be needed throughout just about every phase of business. Modany suggests that these functions are imperative to the job itself.

  • SWOT Analysis – Identify the strengths/weaknesses of a business.
  • Data Analysis – Finds operational efficiencies and inefficiencies and how to approach them individually.
  • Strategic Guidance – Executive Consultants will work closely with management to deliver expert assistance and strategic guidance.
  • Worker Connection – Additionally, executive consultants will work closely with workers to familiarize them with managerial concepts. Once familiarized, these employees should experience enhanced performance.
  • Corporate Mergers – Executive consultants are also brought on board to help prepare businesses for upcoming mergers.

Trends in Consultancy

A rapidly growing and expanding industry, Kevin Modany suggests that digital consultants are here to stay. He also implored his followers to analyze a few of the key trends in consultancy to enhance their preparation.

  • Digital Adoption – The internet has fundamentally changed the way we approach our lives and our jobs. Kevin Modany believes that executive consultants must be skilled in the areas of digital adoption so that they can best guide their clients toward success.
  • More Prospects – Careerists in the field of executive consultancy will find themselves with plenty to look forward to. Consultants are increasingly being turned to by larger businesses to assist in completing larger projects while taking on more clients.

No matter what, Kevin Modany suggests that successful consultants will need to get familiar with working with data and utilizing it to inform their decisions.

Modany said, “There’s a plethora of data. People are collecting more and more of it.”

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